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Dr. Joel D. Wallach
Bonita, California
May 1, 1997

To whom it may concern,

When it comes to mineral supplementation, you should use only the finest products available. My exclusive and only recommendation for those looking to improve their health in the best way possible, lies with our mineral supplements.

While my educational materials have been utilized by other nutritional companies around the world, I DO NOT ENDORSE, RECOMMEND, or ACTUALLY USE ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS.

When you go shopping, there is always a generic brand, imitation products that barely get you by, all made by different companies. But when it comes to your own personal health, do not accept any imitations. There is no savings, no quick fix, no silver bullet, no short-cut, and expecially no drug that can heal you from your ailments, only your own body! So do what I do, and give yourself the best nutrition you can, and let the greatest physician of all do the healing...your own body!


Joel D. Wallach, B.S., DVM, N.D.