Youngevity International Opportunity

f you haven't heard we are exploding... It is just a matter of time before Youngevity becomes a global company. So how, can you benefit off this explosion - Simple... Ask yourself "who do you know that lives in another country?" Start sharing the "90 For Life" message with them and start planting seeds.

Youngevity is building tools, presentations, and gearing up for a International Exposion. Question? Do you want to be part ot the wave that is going to happen? With a seamless compensation plan people who live in other countries will be able to personally sponsor anyone in any country and get compensated for just do efforts.

Right now, we are looking to help anyone who has connections and would like to pursue them. For countries that are not open yet we have what is called "NFR" which means Not For Resale - People can still enjoy the benefits of the products, when the volume of a country reachs enough to justify the costs... Is when you can expect Youngevity to officially, making sure it is done right - giving people the belief that they can be part of a stable company that offers ground floor opportunity.

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