Frequently Asked Business Questions

If you have a business question that you do not see listed. Please, contact us and we will get you that information and post it to this web page for others to benefit. (Subject: Youngevity Question) Thanks.

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How do I sign up in Youngevity?
There are three different ways to sign people up into Youngevity.
1. The best and fastest way in to have people use the enrollment form that is linked to your website. You have them click the join button which takes them to the direct application page.
2. Use the Youngevity Application Form and send it into the company via postal service.
3. Call customer service at Youngevity 800-982-3189 and enroll the person over the phone. (Remember, for business members they must sign and agree to Youngevity's policies and procedures.)
Does Youngevity have any guarantees?
Yes - Youngevity offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all products. Must have a order number (Customer Service can help you) minus any shipping costs. It does not matter if your customer used all of the products and then wanted to return them...

One year from the time of purchase is none of the products have been opened. There is a 10% restocking fee.
Where do I buy Books, CD's and DVD's?
We have two seperate places to order tools from.
1. or under the "My Business" tab. You can place a new order or you can simply put the items on your Autoship. This is where you will find all your forms, catalogs and other sales tools the corporate office provides. 1-800-982-3189

2. is a source for business training materials, CD's, DVD's, Books and more... The Total Nutrition Team's phone number is 800-Wallach (925-5224) Office hours are Monday - Wednesday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm MST.
What product package do you recommend?
For people who are wanting to build their Youngevity Business fast we suggest that your initial order be the CEO Mega Package - cost is $499.99 plus tax and shipping. This is a one-time purchase that will allow you to participate in all of the Youngevity Compensation Plan Bonus as you qualify for rank advancements. See: Compensation Plan
Can we schedule a time to talk or strategize about the business?
Yes - We are here for you. That is why we have invested into our TEAM Training website. We understand that you might be excited to build a business. But, you just might have a few questions to help get started right. You are welcome to personally contact us.
I have friends in other countries outside the United States?
We understand that you want to contact people who are in other countries and might need some support materials to send them in a different language. Let us know what language you are looking for and we can assist you in getting the information so that it will become available.

Until the company is officially open - people may order products (NFR - Not For Resale) and we can help you will all of the shipping details if you need.