Giving People Hope To A Better Life!

Founders Dr. Joel Wallach and MaLan Wallach are creating a nutritional standard for other companies to follow. You can feel comforable knowing that our founders are passionate about bringing the highest quality products to market.

President Andreoli shares his thoughts about the Youngevity Crusade.


Dr Wallach believes that in America we have the right to know and share information without due influence. As you may of heard from the video, passion is one of the driving forces for Youngevity. We continue to build the "Army of Distributors" to help share this life changing information. Once you learn, understand and believe that Youngevity is changing peoples Health and Wealth, it will then become your crusade also - you longer will be able to keep the "90 For Life" message a secret. .

In America - people are suffering more now than any other time in our history. Youngevity is a way out - Healing America is a difficult task. Until medical professionals combine all aspects of healing do we feel that our job will be done - we are trying to take away customers from the medical industry - making professionals listen.

Youngevity is not only giving people their health back to individuals - the opportunity is allowing families to have the extra money they need to do some of the things they never could before they were introduced to Youngevity International.