Compare Youngevity For Yourself

Do NOT be FOOLED! Get the Facts! I am not going to mention all of the MLM companies and compare each of them side-by-side. (Maybe, that is a future project) Their are hundreds of companies - thousands of conventional and franchise business opportunities. We believe that most of the companys that we have viewed are missing one to two elements that could make them great. Things like: High start up costs, front loading products, breakage in the compensation plans, limitations on earnings, lack of mass appeal, low customer retention rates, stability, opportunity to become a top 10 company in the world, not enough experience with leadership and more.

You can make money with any company and our comparisons are in no way meant to discredit these other companies. However, we suggest you do your own research and you will start to see why so many businesses fail within their first 18 months to 5 years.

Youngevity International

Youngevity International

You can own a piece of the company: Stock Symbol - YGYI Youngevity International

Startup Costs:
Products and Services
Company and Owners (Definitely, do your homework on this one!)
Representative Ownership and Control
Tools, Materials and Training