Manufacturing Process

Javalution Coffee Company is the owner of the roasting operation located in Miami, Florida. Our roasting facility operates under the corporate name CLR Roasters which is a wholly owned subsidiary of javalution Coffee Company.

Our roasting operations are housed in a 18,000 square foot facility with ample roasting and packaging capabilities to grow our operations well into the foreseeable future.

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Javalution Coffee Company is proud to control 100% of its production of JavaFit within its own roasting operations. This allows us to guarantee JavaFit is produced utilizing only the finest coffee beans from the finest growing regions in the world.

We have complete control of the quality of the roast, the blend, the management of the mixing of the neutraceuticals and vitamins into our coffee and the packaging process. Every JavaFit batch is coded for tracking purposes and each batch is cupped to assure each batch meets our high standards for roast, blend, grind and taste.

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