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Breakthroughs in Health Magazine has been the known as the  chocolate resource on what people need to know and understand about the importance of “Healthy Chocolate” compared to the milk chocolate sold in stores.

A Happy, Healthy Heart: How Chocolate Can Help
by Cord Udall

Heart disease accoun for one in every three deaths of Americans annually. And while we hear plenty about new advances in surgery and medications to treat problems of the heart, for too little emphasis is placed on preventing and controlling heart disease through diet and other lifestyle measures. Over the last couple of decades, we’ve been flooded with information counseling us to avoid cholesterol and certain kinds of fats in our diets. But new research is emerging, helping paint a clearer picture of the factors that contribute to the various forms of today’s top fatal diseases.    Read Full Article

Cocoa: Weight Loss Wonder?
By Rustin Hartman

When you think of healthy weight loss, you probably conjure up words like appetite control, self-discipline and abstinence. These are definitely important parts of any healthy weight loss regimen. Unfortunately, some food cravings are too powerful for the average person to handle. The craving for sugar and refined carbohydrates is especially tough for some people.  The craving for chocolate is well known as especially difficult to resist.

These craving are often purely psychological in nature. When you experience mood changes and start to feel depressed or apprehensive, your body begins to yearn for carbohydrates. That’s because carbohydrates help release phenylethylamine (PEA) and serotonin, important “feel-good” brain chemicals. Eventually the levels of the chemicals recede and cravings return, leading us to eat more. This cycle leads to chronic overeating.  Read Full Article