Become a member of "90 For Lifestyle!"

Pretty simple - We do not want to confuse anyone about the "90 For Lifestyle" membership. This is for anyone who wants to become a "Superstar" within our organization. Our goal is to continue to assist and support you in creating life-long friendships with others by doing extra ordinary things.

(If you are not in our organization - You are welcome to use this website and purchase any educational information that we make available. Unfortunely, you will not be able to participate in our major Lifestyle events.) Sorry...

We want you to THINK BIG... We have a set of standards for people to follow and are creating a path for you that will a leave legacy for generations. What is your WHY? Is it big enough?


To access the team member "90 For Lifestyle" area you need to email us at with your ID# and upline SEMD name. You will be given the access code to enter this site of the information that we share with our group.

You will have access to live trainings, videos, downloads, product education, marketing methods and other 90 For Lifestyle resources!