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Youngevity International products make people feel better as literally thousands of people are experiencing incredible results. All of Dr. Wallach's formulas are exclusive to Youngevity. Our commitment to science, health education and quality is the hallmark of what are members have come to enjoy and trust.

Years ago Youngevity International started aquirring different brands using the "Networking Cloud" concept allowing members to participate in the ability to choose what products they want. We are not a one product company - we are a company that gives you the choice to choose!

Dead Doctors Don't Lie

This famous health lecture presented by Dr. Joel D. Wallach has a 40 year history and has been heard by hundreds of thousands of people across the world. In his dynamic presentation, Dr. Wallach takes on the long-held medical establishment's claims that:

Nutrition doesn't play a significant role in the elimination of disease; and The idea that all the nutrition our bodies need is found in the foods we eat.

Through Youngevity and the use of this website will allow you to learn why your body will absorb more of the Plant-Derived Colloidal Minerals than any other kind of minerals. And, why the world's soils have been mineral-depleted for over 80 years!

There are 90 nutrients identified as essential (90 For Life) to ensure that our bodies get the raw materials for proper health. Our bodies cannot manufacture all of the 90 Essential Nutritents by themselves, you must supplement.. Dr. Wallach and Youngevity recommend the "90 For Life" program the core of his Start Smart Nutrition Program - See how people are taking the Healthy Body Challenge to loss weight, deal with sugar issues, brain and heart, bone and joint, digestive problems and more - take the Healthy Body Challenge for yourself.


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